Flexible Endoscopes

Ensuring your organization’s flexible endoscopes are functioning properly is crucial for providing quality care. Due to demanding use requirements though, flexible endoscopes over time may require repair or restoration. EndoSurg Medical, Inc. (EMI) provides a unique and exclusive approach to flexible endoscope repair, focusing on extending the lifespan of this valuable equipment while dramatically reducing maintenance and other expenditures.

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the hardware, during which our team of certified technicians examines all components. Once an issue is detected, we restore the endoscope to the highest standards. From replacing light bundles and insertion tubes to repairing clogged nozzles and damaged bending sections, EMI can help. We specialize in small diameter flexible endoscopes, including bronchoscopes, choledochoscopes, cystoscopes, laryngeal endoscopes, and ureteral endoscopes. Plus, we service all major brands, including discontinued models, and utilize only new parts in repairs.

Our services include:

Major repairs which are normally sent to the OEM for overhaul

CCD chip repair and rewiring

Elevator system replacement for ERCP scopes

Light guide fiber optic bundle replacement

Insertion tube replacement

Bending section rebuild/replacement

Fiber optic image bundle replacement

Flame welding for angulation cable sub-assembly

EMI bending sheaths are manufactured specifically to each endoscope model

Endosurg’s unique approach to endoscope repair includes in-house engineering and manufacturing. All of our endoscope replacement components are designed, tested and validated by our mechanical and electrical engineering teams. Because of this, EMI is able to provide OEM-quality repairs and reduced component pricing while adhering to strict quality system standards.

If you are in need of any of our endoscope repair services, please feel free to contact us.