Insertion Tube Replacement and Repair

Endoscope insertion tubes are a critical component that must be properly functioning to achieve desired results. Unfortunately, over time, the components within as well as the insertion tube itself can begin to show signs of wear. Insertion tube replacement and repair offers a cost-effective, practical solution to correct this problem.

Since 1992, Endosurg Medical, INC. (EMI) has designed and manufactured OEM-quality endoscope insertion tube parts and has served the industry as a full-service repair lab. Our goal is to extend the life of your endoscope equipment while drastically reducing the costs of replacement parts and maintenance. Our technicians will examine all components of the insertion tube, and then restore the equipment to the highest standards. We provide a range of services with a specialized focus on small diameter flexible endoscopes. Our insertion tube assembly services include:

  • Image bundle replacement

  • Light bundle replacement

  • Biopsy channel replacement

  • Insertion tube replacement

  • Bending section rebuild

  • Bending rubber replacement

  • Distal end reconditioning (with new lenses where applicable

Whatever type of service you need for your endoscope equipment, EMI offers a solution for all major endoscope brands. Our repair lab provides high-quality repair and refurbishment, and we also design, test and manufacture our own OEM-quality replacement parts. The result: We provide high-quality repairs and reduce overall costs.

If you’re in need of insertion tube repair or replacement, we can help. Contact us today for more information.