Insertion Tube w/ Coil Pipes & Fittings (CF-1T100L)
Insertion Tube w/ Coil Pipes & Fittings (CF-1T100L)

Insertion Tube w/ Coil Pipes & Fittings (CF-1T100L)

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USP Class VI Materials

The materials used in manufacturing conform to United States Pharmaceutical (USP) Class VI requirements and the guidelines outlined by Federal Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR 177.2600. Our tubes have successfully passed biological tests including cytotoxicity and hemocompatibility. No Latex and/or Latex by-products are used in our manufacturing process.


Chemical Resistance

Our tubes are made using a proprietary polyurethane that has been tested to withstand Peracetic Acid and Glutaraldehyde. We performed 500 Peracetic Acid cycles and 3,000 Glutaraldehyde cycles during in-house testing with no noticeable physical and/or visual changes.


Variable Stiffness

All of our tubes are engineered and manufactured to match OEM flexibility characteristics with changes in rigidity/flexibility at preset locations on the tube.


Available with or without Coil-pipes and Fittings

We offer you the option to use your own fittings and coil-pipes or purchase a complete insertion tube set from us which includes brand new fittings and coil-pipes engineered to match OEM or replacement components.


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