Other Equipment and Services

As a full-service medical equipment repair facility, our partial list of services includes the following:

Grieshaber Renewal

  • Cleaning, alignment, sharpening, and lubricating

Micro Needleholder Renewal/Diamond Coating

  • Complete refurbishment includes cleaning, alignment, and diamond re-coating

Iglasias Working Element Repair and Renewal

  • Alignment

Laparoscopic Monopolar Probe Renewal

  • Tip repair/replacement
  • Trumpet valve repair
  • Re-insulation
  • Component replacement

Cysto Deflecting Bridge Renewal

  • New component replacement
  • Cleaning and alignment

Bipolar Forceps Renewal

  • Repotting of base to cord
  • Re-insulation

Kleppinger Bipolar Forceps Renewal

  • Re-insulation
  • Alignment and repair