Rigid Endoscope Repair Services

For many organizations, rigid endoscope repair is a more logical option than purchasing new equipment. These instruments should be inspected regularly, and over time, due to the wear of use, they require repair and refurbishment to sustain effective performance. Endosurg Medical, Inc. (EMI) specializes in comprehensive rigid endoscope repair. Our unique process, which includes in-house engineering and replacement part manufacturing, delivers OEM-quality repairs that adhere to strict quality standards, while reducing overall component pricing.

EMI performs both minor and major repairs on all major brands of rigid endoscopes, including components for fiber bundle replacements and objective lens system replacements. Upon request, our technicians can place a sapphire tip on your arthroscope to extend the repair life by protecting the distal tip from shaver damage. Plus, on some older ACMI and Olympus endoscopes, we can place a cone adapter in the endoscope to increase the surgeon's operating light by as much as 65 percent.

We provide the following rigid endoscope repair services:

  • Polish distal tip and shaft
  • Repair eyepiece
  • Replace fiber cone
  • Replace negative lenses
  • Replace rod lenses
  • Replace distal window
  • Replace objective system
  • Replace objective lens
  • Repair and replacement of sapphire tip
  • Complete rebuilding
  • Laser welding capability

EMI has developed a comprehensive process for rigid endoscope repair that differentiates our service from other providers. We provide high-quality endoscope repair and refurbishment, as well as OEM-quality replacement components that are manufactured in-house. That means all of the endoscope replacement components that we use are designed, tested, and validated by our engineering teams. In addition, our repair technicians are trained to perform repairs on all major endoscope brands. Thus, we’re able to provide high-quality repairs, while reducing overall costs.

If you are in need of any of our endoscope repair services, please feel free to contact us.